President Trump has retweeted an image showing a dozen of his opponents and critics jailed for “treason.” Among them, his current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The image, originally posted by Trump fan-site ‘The Trump Train’ shows a familiar who’s who of the President’s opponents and critics in a jail cell. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI director James Comey, and Democratic operative John Podesta all make an appearance.

So too does current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who currently oversees Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing ‘Russiagate’ investigation. Trump has expressed dissatisfaction with Rosenstein before, and last month was rumored to be on the verge of firing him. Trump has never before accused the Deputy AG of treason, however.

In a tweet of his own earlier on Wednesday morning, Trump again hit out at Mueller’s probe, blasting Mueller’s investigators for allegedly pushing witnesses to lie. Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said on Tuesday that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and right-wing author Jerome Corsi are being pressured to lie by Mueller, who he said is driven by “zeal to get the president.”Above the image, text reads “Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?”

Donald J. Trump


While the disgusting Fake News is doing everything within their power not to report it that way, at least 3 major players are intimating that the Angry Mueller Gang of Dems is viciously telling witnesses to lie about facts & they will get relief. This is our Joseph McCarthy Era!

After sharing the image of his jailed opponents, Trump retweeted a series of tweets from The Trump Train and other fan accounts on Wednesday morning. Among them were tweets criticizing Federal Assistance payments to illegal immigrants, a Mike Pence parody account giving thanks that Hillary Clinton is not president, and a recent clip of Clinton joking that she couldn’t tell two black officials apart because “they all look alike.”

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