As a researcher, I sometimes need to make small changes to research recruits. For one study we needed with writers whose stories got lots of recommends. I wanted these writers to have published recently so the experience would be top of mind.

The query I got from our data scientist returned writers who had published within the last 2 days. Two days proved too restrictive for my recruit — we didn’t have enough results to work with. So I went to the query and changed the variable.

I got the info I needed without delay, and I didn’t have to bother my colleague with yet another task.

Build simple tools to make my life easier.

During a diary study, I needed to ask participants different questions based on their publishing frequency. Checking each writer’s profile was tedious. So I wrote a short query that told me when these participants had last published something. Easy enough, and it freed time for more interesting work.

Get familiar with data.
With tasks like those described above, I eventually became familiar more with our metrics. Reviewing queries gives me a better understanding of our key metrics. This put me in a stronger position to understand how metrics translate to the user experience, and why they go up or down.

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